Soil Searching: Given to Fly

Lining up at the Runway.

It’s the ‘90s. Mountain biking has firmly established itself as a sport with distinct disciplines but freeride is still coming. It is widely acknowledged that British Columbia in Canada gave birth to this phenomenon. The term and lifestyle already existed in snowboarding, so it’s no surprise that many of these early freeride mountain bike pioneers were also avid snowboarders. A convergence was inevitable.

Cabin crew, take your seats.

Some revolutions start with a small step, others with a giant leap. Ron’s case was the latter. He went from a small BMX dirt jump to the 50-foot tables in his snowboard park, literally overnight. “Life changing,” says Ron. Then he quickly adds with a chuckle, “It also helps when the groomer of your local snowboard park is a fellow mountain biker, who shows you where the park’s master light switch is, just before he locks up for the night. . .”

Ranches, Yards, and Farms. What a view from up here.

This was the age of mountain bike films, which served as further catalysts of inspiration, in addition to snowboarding. These, however, mainly consisted of segments with choppy “one-hit-wonders,” as Ron christens them. “Even if you did come across a stunt from the movies, it was a side hit at best,” recalls Ron.

In case of emergency, oxygen masks will drop from the panel above you.

Ron’s revolution continues in his own yard, which is complete with a mountain. From the seemingly impossible, 115ft world-record gap jump to dirt jump lines designed to work on 12-inch wheels, you can find something for everyone at the Farm. What you won’t find is anything that doesn’t flow, that kind of thing just ain’t tolerated out there.

Please adjust your headrest as we prepare for landing (Coming in sideways!)

Ron and Brad are joined by Luke Beers, Eric Simmons, and Krystina Green, and together they make up Landmark Trailworks.

Collecting the baggage at the odd-size carousel.

Landmark Trailworks did with mountain biking what Led Zeppelin did with the Blues — a supergroup of trail builders who stayed true to the origin, roots and soul of rock ‘n roll, but at the same time redefined and recreated it into something timeless.

Something to declare at customs.



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